Fort XIII (Wild, David. Prisoners of hope. 1992. London)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Like band of brothers

Sometimes we are wondering who more need guide during visit in Torun. Knowledge from each trip could become a book or movie script. Here Richard and Hamish, two brothers, after 70 years retraced footsteps of their father. A part of the sentymental side, this visit was very worthy when it comes to information about soldiers from New Zeland and medical service in Stalag XXA, Stalag XXC and Stalag 357. 

Capt. "Dick" Spencer ( New Zeland ) was captured on Crete in 1941. After 11 days his transport arrived to Torun (Thron), then he was sent to Fort XV. As well as his vocation was he still helped POW's with toothache etc. in different camps, subcamps and villages. There are many fantastic stories about how he recreate tooth without special laboratory and equipement.  Well talented soldier had also other passion, he dreamed to learn playing on piano accordion, as it tourned out there weren't plenty safety places for begginer musician as near guards but this is subject for other story. Below we presenting some pictures from places which probably saw "Dick" Spencer the New Zelander prisoner of war who was in Stalag XXA. Here we wanted to thank Richard and Hamish for all knowledge and stories which enlarge empty fields in history of Stalag.

Fort XV Stalag XXA (20a) explaning accomodation during war

Fort XIV - Stalag XXA (20a) hospital

Fort IV  in Torun adapted as a attraction for tourist.

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