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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Escapes from Stalag XXA in 1940

Few years ago, we wrote about the escapes routs from Stalag XXA. (see here: ) now we present a summary of escapes from Stalag XXA and the attached working camps. 


Method of exit
Equipment preparation
Where arrived
July 1940
T.S.M. Briggs, R.A.C
Walked away from a working party during a day
Civilian coat from a Pole, no food.
Walked by night. Helped by the Poles.
Making for Romania till heard it is occupied – then to Russian frontier
August 1940
L./Cpl. A.J. Webb, W.G; Pte J.R. Tomlinson
Through single wire around working camp
No food
Helped by Poles. Walked, chiefly by night.
Making for Romania till heard it is occupied – then to Russian frontier
August 1940
Cpl. H. Lovegrove
Knocked out single sentry at working camp in the evening
No food, swam the Vistula River
A Polish Labourer gave him a compass and a map
September 1940
L./Cpl. J.S. Allen
Pte. G. Green
Cpl. G.H. Clark
Walked away from a German- Polish guard while working
Little food
Helped by poor Jews
September 1940
Pte. J. Waller,
Green Howards,
Pte. W.J. Roberts
Cpl. R. Bainbridge
Through window and wire of working camp with axe
Some civilian clothes
Walked by night. Helped by American Pole. Travel by train
September 1940
Pte. E. Boughton,
Bdsmn. K.W. Bateman
From lavatory and under wire of working camp- at night
Some food
Walked for 4 weeks
October 1940
Pte. L.A. Coe.
Hid in shed on docks where working
No food no clothes
Swedish ship- no food for 3 days
October 1940
Cpl. W. Corkery,
Pte. H. Doyle,
Dvr. L. Massey
Window and wire in working camp
Some food
Walked by night for 10 nights – then passed on by Polish farmers

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