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Medals received after 75 years

We are happy to learn that Tom McGrath who vistited us last winter, to get information about his father's stay in Stalag XXA between 1940-1942, captured at Dunkirk in 1940
 (We wrote about his visit here:

During his research Tom McGrath discovered that his father - Tom McGrath snr was given 3 medals:

 - The Military Medal
 - 1939-1945 Star
 - The War Medal

but he did not receive them in person. And now after 75 years his son, at the ceremony at the British ambassador's in Dublin got the medals!

Read more about the story:
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The Registry of Burials in Stalag XXA

Last year, we did some research about POWs burials in Torun, Stalag XXA between 1939-1945. We have found quite a few names of late Prisoners of War.
All of them, were exhumated after the IIWW. Today, we publish a first part of the document.

name and surnamerankPOWdate of birthdate of deathfuneral dateFrank Grafrey (?)senior privatePOW19.11.192001.07.194004.07.1940Wiliam Alfred Winchestersenior privatePOW15.08.191514.07.194017.07.1940Robert Smithsenior privatePOW15.12.191518.07.194022.07.1940Aloys Ramsel
POW08.01.191607.07.194011.07.1940Herbert Sykessenior privatePOW22.09.190621.07.194024.07.1940Edward Gaardensenior privatePOW30.11.191422.07.194025.07.1940Peter MacKay(MacRay)senior privatePOW18.12.191708.08.194010.08.1940Arthur Marant(?)senior privatePOW?02.08.194006.08.1940Wiliam Waeltherton (Watterton?)senior privatePOW11.10.191802.08.194009.08.1940Frederick Pickaning (?)senior privatePOW07.04.190604.08.194009.08.1940Elias Hallsenior privatePOW08.11.191216.08.194020.08.1940Ed…

Unfinished story from the pictures of Stalag 20A

It is great when we can help to discover family stories. This time, we were totally suprised when we got a parcel with picutres from Stalag XXA (20A). It had been dicovered accidentally on trash but before it was destroyed a man who found it, called and asked us if we are interested in them.

After reseach, we know that this is a collection of pictures from a working camp  in the north east of Poland. What is more, on reverse of one of the pictures, was full data and address. Now we are waiting for response to finish this story.... we will inform you about  the results.

Teacher twins

As you can see in the picture, lately visited us twins! Ladies came to see Stalag XXA (20A) and get to know something more about their father's stay in the camp during the war. The visit was very unusual because both of them are history teachers! So we conducted continuous talks about diffrent perspectives of war!

Hope they enjoyed the trip and learn a lot about Stalag XXA (20A).

Corp. William Stone and his history....

Ealier this month I had a pleasure to guide very special guests - the family of Corp. William George Stone. He was serving in 2nd Batallion, Royal Norfolks was taken into captivity in France while coming back from Dunkirk. He wan only 22 back then.

In Stalag XXA, he spent whole II WW, but he never spoke about his stay. In his 100th birth anniversary, his relatives visited Torun to put flowers and sing their father favourite song: Flanadan and Allen - Underneath the Arches...

Many thanks to MHW friends for your time and hostility!

Just few hours to understand life in Stalag XXA(20A) in Torun

"I will always be grateful to Pawel for helping me understand better what happened to my father when he was captured by the German army after the fighting at Dunkirk.

Like many former British POWs, Dad was reluctant to tell his children very much about what he had endured during the war. We knew he spent most of the war in German POW camps, in particular one in Poland. From his army records we discovered that camp was Staleg XX-A. I contacted Pawel at very short notice recently when I was in traveling with my husband in Europe. Pawel was able to meet me in Torun to walk me through the history of Staleg XX-A and some of the forts of Torun.
My father, John Wilkinson, was with the British Expeditionary Force, serving in the  Light Tank Regiment of the 1st East Riding Yeomanry. We believe he fought at Cassel in France before being captured. 
It was extraordinary for me to walk with Pawel at Torun where the British POWs disembarked, knowing my father would have stood there utterly be…

Ken and Sue on the fathers way

Ken came to Toruń with his wife Sue tracking his father's steps in Stalag XXA (20A). His father worked in a workshop repairing shoes, clothes and theatre costumes. His comrades were Sam Kydd and Albie Tomson. The first one, after the war became a famous actor and the latter after leaving the camp died in the plane crach near Paris, France. Thanks to numerous documents and materials we were able to move back in history and see Torun in a wartime persepective.

The reason for our visit to Torun was to try and identify and visit as many sites that my father Corporal Ron Harrison, 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, would have been at during his five years in captivity at Stalag XXA during the Second World War.
Ron rarely spoke about his time as a POW but he did have a considerable collection of wartime pictures plus a number of hand drawn sketches from publications such as “The Prisoners Pie”, which was an official paper produced by the prisoners.
Ron signed up with his school friend …