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Antoher V-Day in Torun with remeberance about Prisoner of War in Stalag XXA

I can't pass by the information that for another year city authorities took care of the official celebrations of V-Day 8.05. I am glad that each year someone from the prisoners' relatives comes to Toruń to mark the presence of relatives who remember... It is also very nice that the memory of Stalag XXA is present in the local consciousness, preserving the memory of it for future generations.
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Story of Stalag XXA at the Toruń Fortress Museum

During yesterday's Wednesday meeting dedicated to military history, I had the privilege of delving into the fascinating history of the Stalag XXA prisoner-of-war camp in a way that truly captivates me—through the stories of individual people. I strived to capture the essence of my tours, transporting the audience through time and space, uncovering stories that could easily be transformed into movie scripts. These are tales of unwavering human spirit, incredible determination, and extraordinary sacrifice that endured in the harsh conditions of the prisoner-of-war camp. Stalag XXA, one of the largest POW camps during World War II, holds countless stories of heroism, friendship, and hope. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences as a guide and shed light on the daily lives of the prisoners in Stalag XXA. My hope is that this presentation allowed for a better understanding of the remarkable relationships and bonds that formed among those deprived of their freedom. The

Exploring the Untold Story: Tom McGrath and the Tale of the Incredible Escape

Today I would like to share with you the extraordinary experience of visiting the remains of Stalag XXA in Toruń together with Mr. Tom McGrath, the author of an extraordinary book: Unspoken, which tells the story of his father and his escape from the camp. It was the history and the places he met during our journey together that inspired him to write this unique book, which tells the story of a daring escape from the camp and an adventurous way to Spain. Mr. Tom McGrath was fascinated by the history of his family and their connection to the Second World War. He decided to visit the remains of Stalag XXA to explore the part of history that had such a big impact on his loved ones. I was honored to be your guide on this extraordinary journey. Mr. McGrath delved into the secrets of this camp, as well as uncovering the untold stories of the prisoners and their extraordinary escape attempts. He gained valuable testimonies and information that formed the basis for his novels. For me personall

Article on the history of prisoners of war in Stalag XXA at Fort XI

I am delighted to announce that my latest article on prisoners of war at Fort XI has been published in issue 14 of the Atlas of Toruń Fortress. It brings me great joy and honor to contribute to the exploration and documentation of this incredibly important part of our region's history. In my article, I focus on a detailed understanding of the lives and fates of prisoners of war who were held at Fort XI during World War II. Through thorough research and source analysis, I aimed to reconstruct their daily lives, the challenges they faced, and the exceptional friendships and bonds that formed among those deprived of their freedom. Fort XI in Toruń, which is part of the Toruń Fortress, played a significant role as a prisoner-of-war camp. My goal was to highlight this significance and pay tribute to the memory of the prisoners of war who were held there. By sharing their experiences, I sought to bring readers closer to the dramatic reality of life in the camp, while also showcasing the

Guide Others as You Would Like to Be Guided

"Guide others as you would like to be guided" – these were the words imparted to me by my mentors. Since 2007, I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of incredible individuals as a tour guide. Together, we have explored the underground wonders of Toruń and marveled at the cityscape from the tops of its towers. Each tour has been a unique and unforgettable experience, with its own captivating story. I am immensely grateful for the recognition "Guide of the year" I have received. It is a tremendous honor and serves as motivation for me to continue guiding for many more years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One aspect of my work as a guide that holds special significance for me is the opportunity to assist and prepare visits for families of prisoners of war held at Stalag XXA in Toruń and Stalag XXB in Malbork. These brave individuals endured unimaginable hardships during World War II, and it is my duty to ensure their stories are preserved and sh

Exploring the Past on a Cycling Expedition: Memorial of the Victims of the Chroab Camp

Today, I would like to share with you an extraordinary experience of leading a cycling expedition. This unique event allowed us to discover captivating places with a rich history, and one of the poignant stops was visiting the memorial of the victims of the Chroabie camp. Some of the participants were deeply moved, while others expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn about this important history. The memorial of the victims of the Chroabie camp is a place that deeply moves and prompts reflection. As I guided our group to this location, the atmosphere was filled with solemnity and respect. The memorial, erected to commemorate the lives lost in the cruel conditions of the camp, serves as a symbolic reminder of the horrors endured by the prisoners. For some participants of our expedition, visiting the Chroabie memorial was a profoundly unsettling experience. Witnessing the impressive sculptures and reading the names of thousands of innocent victims was both emotionally moving and

Discovering History at the Bicycle Rally: Toruń Fortress Museum and Fort XV

I'm happy to share my experience as a bike rally guide. During this extraordinary adventure, tourists had the opportunity to see many interesting places, including the Toruń Fortress Museum, where there is an exhibition dedicated to prisoners of war, and Fort XV, which was associated with the Stalag XXA camp. The Toruń Fortress Museum is an extremely fascinating place that takes us back to times of war. Inside the museum, you can see an exhibition dedicated to the POWs, which shows their living conditions, the challenges they faced and the stories of many unknown heroes. Walking through these rooms and looking at the exhibits, the participants of the rally had the opportunity to understand the difficult reality that the prisoners of war in Stalag XXA had to face. This place gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to their memory and appreciate their courage. The next point of our route was Fort XV, which was an integral part of the structure of the Stalag XXA camp. This mighty fort