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What about remains of POW's in Torun

British, French, Polish, Russian heritage in our town. Still visible and reachable for tourists.  Fort XI is one of the top points every trip to Torun. In casemattes are paintings, sigantures and remains of Stalag POW's. But endangerous because of devastation. Year by year there are less. Fort and pictures are without any porfessional protection despite of offcial warinings. The case of devastation in Fort XI we tried to attract local media. Below we present you link to article which will draw attention of local authorites. To transalte it we used google translator. Article

Monuments in Stalag XX B

In spite of holidays we spent some time over studies about Stalag. Many times in documents and memories of POW's we found that they we moved to Marienburg (po. Malbork) where was Stalag XX B. In this camp soldiers were living in wooden barracks. The same stories, the same experiences but strong way of protection about history. In Malbork a part from very well preserved Commonwealth Cementary, Soviet Soldiers Cementary we found two monuments dedicated to victims of Stalag. Below we presents pictures from our Study Tour.