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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monuments in Stalag XX B

In spite of holidays we spent some time over studies about Stalag. Many times in documents and memories of POW's we found that they we moved to Marienburg (po. Malbork) where was Stalag XX B. In this camp soldiers were living in wooden barracks. The same stories, the same experiences but strong way of protection about history. In Malbork a part from very well preserved Commonwealth Cementary, Soviet Soldiers Cementary we found two monuments dedicated to victims of Stalag. Below we presents pictures from our Study Tour.
Monument of Stalag XX B victims

Signature at monument

Monument os Stalag XXB in Gnojewo (community Miłoradz near Malbork)

Signature at monument:
" In memory of Stalag XX B POW's who in 1939 - 1945 were  forced to slave work and they lost lives because of illnessess  and exhaustion or German bullet's. The society of Community Miłoradz"

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