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Thursday, February 2, 2017

What about graves in Torun?

Since August we have a big discussion in Torun about mass graves which were discovered in Glinki (district of Torun). During the diggins workres found a huge number of sceletors. Works were stoped and area was closed till clear this case. It's good to know that since 1941 there was a wooden hut camp for Soviets and other nationalities. After the War since 1945 Red Army imprisoned there Germans PoW which existed in terrible conditions. Estimated of dead there is around 4 000 people. We knew about exhumations but eveything seems that not all of Germans graves were found.

During our researches we have met a few people who gave us new facts about the camp after the war. Thanks German exPoW and Polish people who lived near the camp we know that was also Polish section there. We believe that when all researches will finish this place will be well memorialized and all investments will relocated. Below some picutres from local newspaper Nowości

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