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Friday, November 27, 2015

Real heroes were in Warsaw...

Since last post we found new documents and facts about Stalag. Slowly but precisely we started to analyse them and acquired stories which could be a script for some war movies...

At first we would like to share with you a very interesting story of signalman Edward Smith. This man served in Australian Army, he was caught in Greece but escaped many times from different POW's camps. Last stop was in Stalag XXA in Torun.... he met here his brother, felt in love and many more.. but he decided to escape again...

In Stalag XXA - probably on Working Camp near Brodnica
Edward is 5th from right standing 

When he arrived to Warsaw with false documents Polish Underground Army prepared for him transport to England. But it was last day of  calm in Warsaw. Everybody knew that something would happen in days, maybe hours. When Polish officer asked him if he is read to go to London Edward answered.... No. I know about planning uprising, I will join you and fight with you, because im a soldier. He survived Warsaw Hell... after all he moved do Cracow where on his way he met also future Pope - Karol Wojtyla...

Below we put an article which we wrote for anniversary of Warsaw Uprise. We would like to thank for help to Edwards family and his friends..
Awarded by medal of  Polish Underground Army
 on Iskra Ship, Sydney 1995 r.

Our Article in local newspaper Nowosci
1 of August 2015,
71th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising
English Translation

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