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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On the road again

It's really nice when our guest came to Torun again. Colin visited Stalag paths again with his brother. The trip was the reason of celebration in Germany connected with offical burial of Anthony Coulthard one of the POW's who try to escape from Stalag two times. Unfortunatley he died during Long Marches....

But Coilns trip could't be organized unless his gradfather Stalag history which began in 1940. 
Sgt. Neil McLellan was captured in France and transported to Torun. Thanks his photographic skills he became an offical Stalag Photographer responsible for pictures to offical camp newspapper The Prisoners Pie and after New Prisoners Pie but not only. His rich collection included many very interesting pictures from, sport competitons or entertainment. For special occasion serves series of pictures form funerals. Thanks which we could see how germans behave to the dead soldiers. There are couple of picutres from Garnison Cemetery which shows official procession and all drill regulations during the funeral. What is more interesting during the ceremony German soldiers very offten gave a last salute and wreath. Neil tired to escaped with Anthony but they were find on the ship ready to cruise to Sweden.They were turned around to Stalag.

On the picture below you will see the grave of PTE Robert Park(on grave Parc) and new picture which shows the same place after the 70 years. After the war PTE Robert Park was moved to Malbork Commonwealth Cemetary and present grave was renovated.If you look carefully you see German wreath.

The grave of PTE Rober Parc (Park) form RAMC

Colin in the same place where his grandfather took a picture

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