Fort XIII (Wild, David. Prisoners of hope. 1992. London)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heritage for new generation

We would like to inform that Wartimeguides were responsible for City Council project dedicated for the youth. One day trip on the patriotic path in Torun. During sightseeinf Pawel showed exposition in museum dedicated to WW II next we moved to Historical War Museum for the Peters lecutre about POW and stories of witness from Stalag time. Our trip finished in Fort IV where young people could see how lookes like adapted fort. Moreover visit in Fort was also goog opportunity to empathize how felt POW when they were forced to spend sometimes 5 years in fort.

For us it was a new experience and way to share our passion and knowledge about Stalag XXA. We hope that it wasn't last time.

In Museum at WW II exhibition

At Peters' lecture

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