Fort XIII (Wild, David. Prisoners of hope. 1992. London)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Australian heritage in Torun

       It's very nice when an international cooperation isn't limited only to the internet. On 1.08 (in Poland this is an  anniversary of Warsaw uprising) we opened an exhibiton dedicated to Australian POW. The exhibition visited  President of the town, members of the Historical War Museum (who have given us space for the exhibit) the and local media Thanks to members of the 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association we possessed a lot of worthy things: unique pictures, books, posters, postcards etc. The most important is the flag (Red Ensign) based on the same one which was created in Stalag XX A in Thorn.

To see the TV relation from the event click HERE

 An Exhibition in Historical War Museum

an original flag during sport parade in Fort XV

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