Fort XIII (Wild, David. Prisoners of hope. 1992. London)

Monday, January 28, 2013


Any escape from the camp was forbidden under the threat of death. Yet, there were some people who tried to achieve that, by either flleing from main camps, which was extremaly difficult. Anyone who would approach the fence could have been killed without any warning. Some tried to escape from working camps. This way was easier, because there were fewer guards but often they had no knowledge over the lands they stay on. with no food, preparations an escape was doomed to failure. 
However, there were 2 major routes which prisoners of war used to escape.

Some used the route via Gdansk (Danzig) to Sweden. There was even a special organization from Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) which helped to run away for money (ap. 2000 - 4000 Reich marks).
Others like Mr Foster (his story is described further in this blog) used a way via Posen to Germany. 
There was also a possibility to run away via Russia. But, the general reception of fugitives by the Russians was negative and many of them were maltreated, however, they were later released and sent immediately to the United Kingdom.
National archives give the names of the men who endeavoured to escape from Stalag XXA between 1940-45:
-          Regimental Sergeant Major Strawbridge
-          Company Quarter Master Sergeant Granger
-          Regimental Sergeant Major Sivers
-           Company Sergeant Major Mackintosh
-          Captain Cook
-          Captain Curry
-          Captain Williams
-          Captain Goodson
-          Captain Baker
-          Lance Corporal Coulthard
-          Captain Horlock
-          Captain Brydson
-          Sergeant Frederick Foster 
-          Sergeant Beverly
-          Sergeant Lingane
-          Sergeant McLenan
-          Private Asprey
-          Private Scotland
-          Private Meatkins
-          Private Robson
-          Revrend Lathaen

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