Fort XIII (Wild, David. Prisoners of hope. 1992. London)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Stalag Study Tour after winter

Last weekend was very sunny and fulled of Stalag XXA researches. Inspired by new sources we went to Fort XV and Museum Of Fortifications ( to find new facts about imprisoned soliders. Trip throught fort XV was interesting because we found places conncted with Austrialan soldiers. Normally Fort XV is closed but it is possible to get permission form the owner to get into. This object is not only conneted with WWII POW's. From modern facts we know that there where the comunists prison camp for german soldiers and polish civilians conneted with underground army AK... we belived that in archives are some notes which describes stories conneted with them. During your staying in Torun we trult recommend The Museum of Fortifications it shows very interesting facts about forts but not only because they have reprinted colletion of paintings of Frank William Wheeton one of the POW's in Fort XV. Thanks them we can see how looked like the Fort XV area during war time.    Below some pictures from our trip.
Entrance to caponiere in Fort XV - today
Austrialians soldiers and probably the same  entrance to caponiere behind them

Model of stalag barracs (based on Stalag in Zagan) in Museum of Fortification in Bateria AB IV
The expostion of Stalag XXA paintings by Frank William Wheeton one of the POW's (in Museum of Fortifications
Reconstruted bed and furniture from stalag XXA barracs
(Museum of Fortifications

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  1. Hello Hania and Pawel,
    Is this Museum open at the moment? I don't recall seeing it when we were in Torun. It would be very interesting.
    Barbara W Thomas